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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Terms & Conditions

Kindly read through our terms & condition before making an order .

01. We only attend to serious buyers.

02. The price are all fixed unless purchases in bulk or in large quantities. Discount will be given. T & C Apply.

03. All items are brand new and in good condition .

04. Colours may vary due to different type of resolution and calibration of computers.

05. Items sold are not refundable or exchangeable.

06. Priority will be given based on first come first serve basis. Those who orders first, not those who pays first. No reservations are allowed.

07. Orders through comments' page and tag board or any other forms will not be entertained. Orders will only be taken through order forms here.

08. We will send you a confirmation email within 2 days.

09. Do not place an order if you are not confirmed with it. Place an order only if you are serious about purchasing it and can pay up within the next 3 working days.

10. If you fail to do the payment within 3 working days after confirmation, we will notify you once, and if the situation continues, we will cancel your order and make the item available for the next customer.

11. Postage fee will be fixed as Semenanjung M'sia RM8 and for Sabah & Sarawak will be RM10. You have the option for Pos Express too!

12. Your products will reach within 3 days in East/West M'sia if everything goes smooth. If any slow or problems occured, we will get into you.

14. For international country, products will reach within 5 days if things goes smooth. Else, we will get into you soon. Sorry for any inconvenience. Postage fee will be fixed at USD 36. Postlaju fee USD 36, reach at 5 days after purchased. For Parcel fee, USD 12 wll be charged and reach after 15 days purchased

15. All payments should only be transferred to our Maybank account, either transfer fund online at Maybank2u or do it the old school way at any Maybank that is convenience for you.

16. We do provide COD for your convenience and our convenience=D

17. Prices stated are in Ringgit Malaysia and exclusive of postage fees.

18. Should you need more details of the item(s), please email us at chineseoriental@hotmail.com . We will try get back to you asap.